Structural Bolts

EN14399-3 HR Cl 8.8 High Strength Bolting Assemblies for Preloading are manufactured to the highest international standards.

Among the many standards and quality certifications, the “Conformité Européene” CE Marking stands out. With this certification, products are assured to be manufactured to a high level of protection with regard to health, safety and environmental hazards.

The latest revision of the AS/NZS 1252, Australian/New Zealand standard for high strength steel bolts, has adopted principles from the EN14399-3, including:

  • Initial Type Testing (ITT)
  • Factory Production Control (FPC)
  • Torque – Tension Relationship
  • Suitability for Tensioning by Assembly Testing
  • Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC)

Allthread Industries and First Forge Australia are proud to stock the EN 14399-3 HR Cl8.8 Bolt Assemblies. Below is an information booklet with details regarding product dimensions and properties.

EN 14399 vs AS 1252 Comparison Guide


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