Why Us

As a trusted choice of some of the world’s largest brands such as Bechtel, CATCON, Downer and Thiess, Allthread Industries is proud to have remained at the top of its industry  for more than five decades.

These are some the reasons why Allthread is a first choice for rolled bolt and cast-in product solutions…

Quality Assurance

While an ISO 9001-2008 accredited organisation, Allthread Industries aspires to not just meet, but exceed quality expectations >>READ MORE

Superior Processes

Allthread manufactures exclusively by thread rolling, a method that uses 18% less product in comparison to additive and subtractive methods >>READ MORE

Custom Design

There’s no re-inventing the bolt, but technology is continuously evolving and improvements in steel, heat treatment, manufacturing and finishes have added a tremendous amount of customisation options >>READ MORE

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