Quality Assurance

While an ISO 9001-2015 accredited organisation, Allthread Industries aspires to not just meet, but exceed quality expectations.  From testing and reporting, adherence to Australian and international standards, material traceability, workmanship and finish, our philosophy and stringent quality control procedures ensure an exceptional level of quality that goes beyond the already rigorous ISO standards.

Working exclusively with OEM parts, Allthread Industries has full control over its products, from raw materials to integration and finish. We pride ourselves on providing consistent quality for all industries we work in, whether Mining, Rail, Infrastructure, Marine, Water, Oil and Gas or Wind and Energy.

On top of that Allthread Industries is familiar with the extensive documentation submissions required for large projects and can readily adapt to your specific instructions for MDR, ITP, Welding (WPS, PQR) and NATA Certified Validation Inspection and Testing.

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