Allthread Industries has extensive experience in large infrastructure projects across Australia and worldwide, and has supplied bolt solutions for some of the largest infrastructure companies in the world. Whether bridges, highways, track duplication and electrification, or dams & desalination plants, Allthread Industries guarantees a consistent level of quality.

Government and private owners of major infrastructure need to show a strong return on investment given the scale of these projects. Allthread Industries easily delivers on these increasing demands through the following…

Decreased Production Times

Due to working mostly with OEM parts, Allthread Industries has full control over the manufacturing and delivery of products, so the often fluid schedules and demands of production can be easily met. This reliable, flexible delivery and full traceability ensures lower production times, which cut costs significantly.

Quality Products

An emerging concern amongst major stakeholders in large projects is quality and the resulting documentation. As stakeholders ask for a higher degree of local testing at Australian NATA facilities, it has exposed weaknesses in product supply and compliance. 

Our products – contrary to many produced overseas – possess an enduring quality that saves unnecessary replacement and restoration costs later on.

Allthread Industries excels in quality and strength, as all our Raw material is tested and certified. All our products can be Independently tested and supplied with full documents and traceable.On top of our mostly OEM parts and products we also support a range of products from European manufacturers, all consistent with our requirements for full traceability & documentation.

Moreover, Allthread Industries supplies products across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. We are qualified to supply product that complies with QLD MRTS78 code and NSW B240.

We bring our own expertise to the project while adopting an understanding and connection with the final product and its application.

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