Allthread Industries has extensive experience in large rail projects across Australia and worldwide, and has worked with some of the world’s largest rail companies. Allthread Industries’ rail products and service are primarily focused on:

Anchor bolts for the wires and signal masts

Stacker Reclaimer rail applications in Mining

Crane Rail Square Bottom J Bolts

Specialised studs or bolts for tunnels

Risk Management Through Quality

Sourcing products from Allthread Industries provides a form of risk management for a project since all our products can be Independently tested and supplied with full documents and traceability. On top of that, we work primarily with OEM parts, which gives us full control over the quality and timely delivery of our products, ensuring smooth production.

Quality Specialised Import Products

Allthread Industries also has relationships with European manufacturers that specialise in tunnel segment bolts. Each product and part is held to the same standards as our OEM parts, including tracing and documentation, enabling clients to enjoy specialised imported products with a locally guaranteed quality.

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