Allthread Industries has extensive experience in large development projects across Australia and worldwide, and has worked with some of the world’s largest mining companies.

We have provided solutions in the mining industry for projects ranging in price from $2 k to $20 mil. They have included construction, maintenance, mining extensions and overland conveyancing projects. Whether it’s coal, iron ore, bauxite, gold, copper, nickel or phosphate that’s mined, Allthread has been there.


Every component produced by Allthread Industries is marked with a batch number giving full traceability through manufacturing.

Reduced Equipment Breakdown

All our products can be Independently tested and supplied with full documents and traceable.

Quality is a big concern amongst major stakeholders in large projects. Reparation costs and loss of productivity caused by equipment breakdowns cost companies enormous amount of money, not to mention tarnished reputations.

As stakeholders ask for a higher degree of local testing at Australian NATA facilities, it has exposed weaknesses in product supply and compliance. Allthread Industries excels in quality and strength, as all our Raw material is tested and certified. All our products can be tested in Australia by NATA-certified quality assurance screening organisations upon request and supplied with the full documents and traceable.

We bring our own expertise to the project while adopting an understanding and connection with the final product and its application.

Highlight Projects

Allthread Industries can provide bolting, galvanised grates, sump frames, angle protection, pins, shafts, specialised parts and anything from cast-in plates to large ROM plates for

  • Coal Handling Plants
  • Iron Ore Mining and Processing
  • Stacker Reclaimers
  • Drag Lines
  • Many other applications


Allthread Industries has extensive experience in large development projects across Australia and is confident in meeting the needs of any project, whatever the size. We pride ourselves on a longstanding reputation for quality products and services.

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